If your website has a form, do these two things right now!


E-mail Address Field

Change the type=“text” to type=“email”. Visitors on modern mobile devices will be shown a keyboard with easy access to the characters used in an email address, “@” and “.”, as opposed to the normal text keyboard that forces them into the alternate keyboard to get to those symbols.

a kb-email


URL Field

Likewise, change the type=“text” to type=“url”. Users will have quick access to “.”, “/”, and “.com”.

a kb-url



There are a few others that you can do as well, like making input fields expecting numbers more friendly, but if you just do the two mentioned above you’ll be silently thanked by your mobile visitors.


Mike (and everyone that uses a mobile browser)

It’s not exactly obvious how to activate/enable the new continuity hand-off feature Apple announced at WWDC 2014. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install OSX Yosemite & iOS8 (obviously)

  2. On your OSX machine, go to Settings then General

    a step1

    a step2

  3. Near the bottom, there is a checkbox to turn on Hand Off.

    a step3

  4. Bluetooth must be turned on on both the iOS8 & OSX Yosemite device. The first time I did this I had to pair the two devices together. This appears to be a known issue as identified in the official release notes as well.

  5. Try going to Safari or Mail on the iPhone. You should see an icon pop up on the left side of the dock on the Yosemite computer. Click & Enjoy.

Known Issues / Workarounds

  1. On the Yosemite computer, when I go to Bluetooth preferences, my phone shows up but is “Not Conntected”
  2. The bluetooth icon in the top bar in Yosemite may not show the “connected” icon, just the normal icon. This is OK.
  3. When I open the Mail app on the iPhone, sometimes I need to open a new compose window and type at least one character for the HandOff icon to appear in the Yosemite dock.
  4. Ensure that both the iOS and Yosemite devices have the same iCloud account connected.

Amazon has steadily increased its cloud computing capacity over the last several years. At re:Invent 2013, they gave a key figure that sheds light into how much their infrastructure has grown: AWS adds enough new server capacity every day to support Amazon’s global infrastructure same as when it was a $7B business.

Next Generation Compute Optimized Instances

The new c3.* instances are available in 5 types from 2 to 32 vCPUs. This generation of EC2 Compute Optimized Instances use the highest performance processors in the AWS arsenal while still delivering the lowest price for the performance.

Also released are the new g2.* instances. The G2 series are backed by NVIDIA GRID GPUs with 1,536 parallel processing cores. These are great for video creation services, 3D visualizations, and other graphics-intense needs.

Lower Prices… Again

As their infrastructure has grown, the folks at AWS have repeatedly lowered the cost of service.

I’ve updated the EC2 On-Demand vs Reserved Instance Cost Savings Calculator to reflect the latest pricing as well as the most recent instance types.

Reach out if you have any questions.

EC2 Calculator Screenshot EC2 Calculator Screenshot 2

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